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Office Refrigeration

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Office Air Conditioning

An office space requires a lot of refrigeration to stay healthy and clean.

It requires temperature control, humidity control, and air extraction. 

Cold Logic has been in the refrigeration and air conditioning business for over 35 years and can design and install or even retrofit the perfect office air conditioning system for your business.

New Solutions

Air Conditioning

From Concept to design and contruction for all types of industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems. We utilise 

Warehouse Chilling

Cold Logic has helped construct more than 300,000 sqm of Cold Storage space across Australia. That’s the equivalent of 14 

Low RH Room Conditioning

Dehumidification of a room can help you feel more comfortable without lowering your thermostat, which will not only 

High Care Rooms

From Concept to design and construction for all types of industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems. Being High 

Electronic Heat Removal 

State of the art electronics is essential to most industrial refrigeration systems. Properly cooling the electronics, which 

Coolroom Chillers

Cold Logic are the industry leaders on the design, manufacture and installation of industrial coolrooms chillers. We 

Temporary Air Conditioning

Whether you need temporary air-conditioning for industrial work space or storage facility our industrial air conditioners can 

Hire Chillers

Whether it's for Pre-vintage or storage rooms, our hire chiller ranges from 100kW through to 1000kW and operating from 


Preventative Maintenance

Our whole aim is to develop a program to help avoid break down of  your equipment,  improve your plant's reliability and lower your yearly spend on emergency maintenance.

This is why so many clients continue to use Cold Logic for servicing their ammonia and Freon refrigeration plants.


We customised a plan that is right for your plant and equipment increasing life of your equipment,  reducing overall operating costs and improving plant reliability and efficiency. 


Cold Logic provides a 24hour/ 365 days a year remote dial in support and call out service. With a large team of qualified refrigeration mechanics, you get prompt attention ...


Insuring efficient plant equipment can come down to accurate diagnostics. Thermography and oil, vibration and plant analysis is a effective way to assess your...

Improved Efficiency

The rising cost of electricity affecting everyone's bottom line. One way to outsmart your energy costs and boost your refrigeration system efficiency is by adding EnviroTemp to your operation.

Gas Chillers are efficient and can reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs by reducing electrical demand. The gas system is able to speed and slow down as the load on the system 

A proven corrosion inhibitor which is fully biodegradable, BrineCool is a premium coolant specifically designed to lower the temperature of the brine circuit down to -20C. It has a high ...

Reducing energy costs is high up on everyone's agenda. One way they can achieve this is by installing a Climate Wizard. Climate Wizard can use up to 80% less energy than the 


Cold Logic Can Help You With...

  • Expansion
  • Phase Down Refrigerant
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • New Facility
  • Concept Design
  • Risk Assessment
  • Plant Audits
  • Safety Audits
  • Energy Efficiency & Optimisation
  • Overhauls
  • Complete Rebuilds
  • Spare Parts
  • Emergency Breakdowns
  • Used Equipment
  • Hire

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